My Story

I was invited to my first Scentsy party by the wife of a fellow soldier back in 2008.  I figured I would go to support her new business & buy something  ( LOL, Little did I know what I was getting myself into).  Instead, I offered to hold a party for her.  I warned her- don’t expect much!

Well, the party came, people showed up (OMG!! That was a FIRST!), and they enjoyed the product SO much they bought – a LOT!  I received a lot of free product, which was AWESOME (everyone likes FREE STUFF!)!  A week later, people at work started asking if I’d already closed my party.  I had, but the inner sales person in me said, “Nope! What did you want to order?”  

A couple days later, I realized that there was something way beyond more FREE stuff here! So, I called the consultant and asked her if she minded if I kept those orders and made them my first party!  WOOP WOOP!!

At the time, I was going to school full time at St. Ambrose University and working full time at John Deere. Plus, I had Teens at home.  I know what you are thinking – how was I able to have a rational thought process?  My consultant had been telling me that I would be awesome at selling Scentsy all along, but I kept thinking – when was there time to have a business?   

Well, finances finally dictated the final rational decision!  I knew I was going to graduate in about a year & shortly thereafter – ‘Student Loan Payments’ (insert creepy foreboding music, here).  I knew with my income at Deere, there was NO WAY we were going to be able to afford to pay my student loan payments on top of everything else.   

Over time, Scentsy has provided for me as I needed it to, no matter what the change!  In the beginning, I didn’t have a lot of time to invest, and thankfully, the product sold itself!  I was easily able to maintain and exceed my minimum sales.    Then, one day we decided to take a chance at a better job elsewhere.  I left my job at Deere and did Scentsy full time.  We thought it would only be a few weeks until the next job came along.  Three months later, when I started my new job, Scentsy was helping pay our monthly bills.  

Now, my Scentsy business allows us to enjoy life more, easily pay my student loan payments, take more vacations & afford to make those very needed home improvement projects!    In addition to being more financially secure, I enjoy the personal changes I’ve made over the last couple of years, thanks to some wonderful mentors.  Not only are my Scentsy Sisters amazing mentors & supportors, but our Owners (Heidi & Orville Thompson) are wonderful leaders who lead by example.  They promote giving more than you take, and they inspire me to be a better person.  And, to me, that is more valuable than any amount of money – Scentsy has shown me how to love myself, how to be self driven to learn/grow & given me the understanding to the importance of how loving yourself gives you the ability to love and care about others!

I hope that I select us to share the blessings of Scentsy with you and those important to you – either by having an entertaining night partying with friends & family or by introducing & helping you build your own Scentsy business!

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